Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Killer on the Loose..

Part II of the Modi Matter - more matter, less manner.
Headlines of newspapers today- Modi owns up to fake encounter. - Our valiant Mr.M has just owned up to killing a certain Mr.Sohrabbudin (apology for spelling errors if any) , who's wife, was also murdered a while later under "mysterious" circumstances.
Now the basic concern being- The CM of Gujarat has just owned up to murdering someone, in public! , and he's still the CM, still sitting in his warm cosy office, spreading Anti-Muslim statements and insulting the very concept of democracy. Just when we think that he couldnt possibly go any further in dropping lower, he does something so wonderfully low and proves us wrong each time!! Way to go Mr.Modi!!
So, we have a murderer on the run, for killing someone in a fake encounter alleging that the poor guy had arms and ammunition, ok, so whatever was the Police for then?!! Mr.Modi has an IPS degree?? Didnt know! To get him in an ever tighter spot, i came up with this to add to our sad Lion story.
Moving back to our heroes, the Lions, there are lots more things that folks havent realised yet, these Lions are roaming a National Park of fully protected area 258 sq.kms. and a Sanctuary of 1153 sq.kms. The numbers are now about 350 and they need more room but the Gir forest is boxed in on all sides with human habitation. This overpopulation is squeezing the King of the Jungle into a forever ravaged home, where He has to fall in wells that are dug by the locals, and are unfenced, where He is poisoned because he moves out of the congested forest into the land of those who congested it. Every year the farmers dig more open wells but the State Government of Gujarat has done nothing to make these illegal. There is an urgent need to pass a law to make open-wells illegal and farmers should be legally required to build a parapet wall around the wells and fence them in.
Farmers on the periphery of the Gir National Park frequently use illegal electric fences to protect their crops from raiding wild animals, specially from herds of Nilgai and connect high voltage overhead power lines directly to these fences. This has on several occasions led to the electrocution of Asiatic Lions and other wildlife.
The biggest threat faced by the park is the presence of Maldharis. This community is vegetarian and does not indulge in poaching because the people are basically pasturalists, with an average of 50 cattle (mainly Gir Cow) per family. So during grass-scarce seasons Maldharis, even from outside the sanctuary, bring their cattle into the park under the pretext of selling them and take them away after the monsoon season. So eventually it has become grazing ground for a large number of cattle, not only of the Maldharis but also for those living in an area of say 100 km around the park. These people are legally entitled to live in the park but slowly the area around the nesses (small hamlets where Maldharis live) is becoming denuded of vegetation. The population of Maldharis, as well as their numbers of cattle, is increasing and some Maldharis have houses outside the forest but still keep their cattle inside the forest to get unlimited access to forage. One of the outcomes of this is that the natural population of the wild ungulates of the protected area which forms the prey base suffers and sometimes the Asiatic lions which have attacked livestock are poisoned.
The Lions are facing a severe risk of death due to epidemic spread of diseases in the Park. The are all in very very close range from each other and if, unfortunately, there were to be an epidemic, the ENTIRE population of the Critically Endangered Asiatic Lions would be finished!! Completely gone! Alarming risk is what i call this! We've put those Top predators on the menu for extinct species! Even genetically speaking, inbreeding and weak genes would make them even more vulnerable than they are, if thats possible now, after all of Mr.Modi's contributions to ensure that they live the most pathetic and pitiful life.
Yes, the Tiger deserves our urgent attention. Yes, the Gharial does too. And just to add to this already worrying fact of how most of India's wildlife is hitting the "legendary list", come the Lions..
Gir, is beautiful. No doubt. But it does not have an indefinite expanse! Of course i havent finished yet! Ive got one MORE point now. Kuno- which Modi claims will see a fight for survival between Lions and Tigers. Kuno was once home to 6 Tigers, but since 2005, there has been no Tiger evidence. Kuno is 300 sq.kms., yes. But it happens to be lying within 2500 sq.kms. of beautiful landscape, of forest! So the Lion's future isnt a blur here. The Tiger Reserve closest to Kuno is Ranthambhore. It isnt very far. But the Chambal River and the human settlement around it, are an assuring barrier for Tiger movement into Kuno.
Kuno is home to poachers and wildlife traders. Shivapuri and Sabalgarh areas are full of wildlife traders. A poacher named Devisingh, ace poacher, was caught from Kuno area. Devisingh poached 5 Tigers from the core or heart area of Ranthambhore as he confessed in front of video cameras. Point is- poachers do not look at almost dead or dying forests for their money. If they're operating here, it suggests, Kuno is good. It's more than good. So, extra protection, and fair enough laws, and that one eternal obstruction going by the name of Modi, if these factors were looked at, wont the Lions have a brighter and better future??
The fight between Wildlifers and Politicians will never die down unless and until they stop giving permission to build ports on Endangered Turtles' nesting sites, until they stop being stupidly possessive about the wrongest things ever, until they stop using their 'ever ready to lash out' tongues and use those rusting brains instead. The poor old good politicians being out numbered by the majority of businessmen who call themselves politicians..pity them. But, yes, we're all with them! With those who fight for cause, not just any cause. But the right cause! Open your eyes Mr.Murderer Modi.. time's come.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mr.Modi's objection to the Royal Roar..

The Asiatic Lion , found ONLY in Gir National Park, Gujarat, India, is one more Cat, fast losing to senseless decisions based on baseless misconceptions. We are not used to seeing Lions looking like over-grown malnourished domestic Cats. But the harsh truth of the matter is, Gir, houses the only surviving population of wild Asiatic Lions in the world today. And this means that any effort, whatsoever, made to relocate them and increase the expanse of their habitat is a positive step towards their survival. Kuno, an area of Madhya Pradesh, was selected by the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) for the relocation of 5 of Gir's Lions. This proposal has been cleared by the Centre and now, still lies hanging from a noose because of one person and his "concern" about the animal.
Mr.Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, happens to think otherwise. He, and his Government, feel that this "experimental" idea would be a disaster as Lions and Tigers cannot co-exist in the same habitat. Obviously, when the world was made , Lions knew that they cannot co-exist with Tigers.. or then, Tigers were so furious with the Gods for giving them competition, that they refused to leave their territory and kicked out the Lions. Oh come on!! Since the day the Forests have been inhabited by animals, co-existence has always taken its route. We are the ones responsible for the massive failure of the Lion's survival else where. Not Tigers!
Mr.Modi, obviously doesnt realise that what he claims as Gujarat's pride and uniqueness, will soon become its curse if he doesnt let this relocation happen. The area of Gir is too small to accommodate the prides of Lions living there. A male Lion hardly gets his expected home territory currently, which pushes them out of the boundaries of the Park into civilisation and hence forces them to turn to cattle for food. The Lions are being electrocuted, poisoned, and poached. But even now, the Modi Government seems to be having trouble with facing truth. If the Lions die out, they become extinct. Eventually leading to severe extreme shame for Gujarat. This uniqueness is soon bound to become its common-ness in joining the list of those uncaring hypocrites who have let species die out to extinction right before them by blindly ignoring solutions given by experts.
Kuno's habitat is very similar to that of Gir, and if allowed to settle in, the Lions can make a stunning recovery. And Gujarat can rise in the eyes of the country. Being stubborn is simply going to end the respect that anyone ever had for Mr.Modi. If im not wrong, he has no expertise is the concerned field of Wildlife Management and should, therefore, restrain himself from stepping into matters that go way above his level, stick to poverty reduction and railways and stuff instead. Do what you can do Mr.Modi, dont get nosy in what you obviously cannot understand!!
Let those Lions live. Because the more you oppose the Royal Roar, the more we love the opposition party!! Since Conservationists dont usually stoop to the levels that politicians are on, it certainly does NOT mean that we cannot! If incessantly provoked, and offended, we can and definitely WILL fall low and use the "tit-for-tat" method. We've done that before, and would not hesitate to go one more time.
In the name of those poor endangered Felines, let sense prevail over sheer nonsense!! And yes Mr.Modi, not everyone is focussing on the Tigers.. there are those that are aware of the status of other Wildlife as well. We know how to do our job well. You could borrow a leaf or two from us on this..

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jap's Fish Fetish

We have all read and heard about Japan and its fetish with fish. Japan's claim, that it is killing Humpback, Minke and Heaven knows which other species of Whales, for research, is so so transparent! Japan seems to have forgotten that the world does have educated people in it, who can see through false claims like those.. Hello!! What do you take Conservationists for? Fools?? Rethink Japan.. We'll prove who's the real fool at the end of this article.
Humpback Whales got out of the threat of extinction only recently, and with Japan's new resolution against them living, they're soon scheduled to hit the "book of legendary animals" once again!
Minke Whales, just like all other Whales, are threatened by slaughterers, like the ones in consideration here-Japanese. For food! For cosmetics, for evry possible thing! And kids in school still think that the Japanese eat only rice! HAA!!! Chicken and eggs was fine.. but not when they started hacking Dolphins and sold it as whale meat. Seriously, someone needs to control these butchers! Out of hand, and out of MIND!!
You cannot possibly expect the world to allow this kind of nonsense. China's plea to lift the ban on Tiger trade, failed miserably. Japan, looks like you want to know what China felt like! Take your chance, and fall flat on your face! (How much flatter can it get anyway?)
The outright-ness in this article, due to the complete ignorance of logic and the right of living by the Japanese. Ever heard of rice, wheat, barley, sugarcane and those crops they teach about in school?? What do they teach in Japan?? Fish species?? Cash Fish and Food Fish??
Stop being a pain Japan! High time you regained your senses.. This time, you cannot escape, Australia and NewZealand have already protested against this act of complete heartlessness.Bless them!
So japan, if you have a fetish, keep it restricted to maybe beads, or jewels, or vegetable.. not endangered fish. or Any endangered animal for that matter. It's the only way you can even EXPECT the world to respect you. Your "Made in Japan" cars and engines and what not really doesnt matter right now.. What matters is what you choose to do with the option u have.. Kill, OR Face the very very very cruelly loud music..played by Conservationists.
On a good note, America's scheduled to advice Jap's against this too... thats some hope!! Since, Jo bole so America is the word these days! Cheers and luck to the fetished Fish!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Student's Mind-A Naturalist's Heart

People come and ask you- so what are you going to do now?? It's like the 2nd most common question in the world after "how are you?" . Your answer is- "im going to take up Environmental Science." The reactions differ according to the person that gives it. The people who give it differ according to their own career backgrounds, which, again, differ according to how they were brought up.Conclusion- the reactions differ according to the way their minds were trained to think. Of course im not saying that the way they think is wrong! :) Of course they're right when they want every kid to be a doctor or an engineer. Of course they're right when they prevent their kids from taking up unconventional fields, neglecting passion and even talent. Of course they're right! Or are they?
Reality check. If no one who had a passion for Nature, or Environmental Science, or Wildlife, who would make discoveries and reveal that the Earth's facing its worst ever situation regarding climate change, that Sariska is totally drained of its Tiger population, that the Arctic ice is melting at an alarming rate, that Mexico is experiencing floods and tsunamis are happening because the Earth's climate has gone bananas!!
I salute those parents who encourage their kids to go on and choose their passion as their career. To unite their vocation and their avocation. To chase those dreams that have formed within an individual mind, even if it means not having money enough to roll in it.To all those parents who encourage, it goes a long long way for your child’s dream and her/his confidence levels.
Everyone who has heard me tell them that im into Wildlife Conservation and not the usual medicine or MBA or whatever those weirdo short forms are, think that either I didn’t have the marks, or that I’ve a brain malfunction. But to those few of have stood by me and said- we’re proud of you! Go girl! – to them- I don’t know how to make ‘thank you’ more profound and more meaningful. Your words seem like this pushing force that makes me want to work harder and harder every second.Thank you so much.For the constant support, and for accepting me for who I really am.
Im a student of Environmental Sciences. Yes,by choice! Not because I didn’t have the marks, not because im dumb, not because my brain is out of its ‘mind’.
A student’s heart and a Naturalist’s mind. A combination which is dreaded by many.Appreciated by few.And understood by fewer than fewest!
If you were to bring up your kids teaching them that a puppy is as welcome in the house as is the kid itself, you would be helping shape a mindset. If you say things like- animals are as important as all other life on earth to your 4th std daughter who has homework on Nature, it would develop a respect in her heart for those animals, that she might one day stand up for.If you involve your children in discussions regarding current affairs, they would be masters at their brain work. If you were to ask your child her/his views on topics often, they would be independent in a much better way. Clearly- you instill the right values, you get gems. No, my parents didn’t tell me to go campaign for wildlife conservation.That I told myself. But what they did do-is told me to stand up for what’s right. To be downright honest with yourself. And to be humble among other things.
I didn’t need to be told- that poaching is wrong.I knew. By and large because of what I grew up to be. As a person. Adevertisements that show a bunch of girls shampooing their hair under a waterfall, I didn’t need to be told that that’s against Environmental values. It’s a simple matter of common sense. So simple that it doesn’t strike 90% of people who tend to overlook it.
The evening breeze that brings with it, the scent of roses somewhere nearby, or the clean air atop a hill on an early morning that refreshes ur blood, or the sunsets on beaches that show silhouettes of ships sailing at the horizon, appreciating these senses cant be taught! It comes. The skip of a heart-beat when u spot a Tiger cub playing with its mother completely aloof to human presence, the feeling of reassurance when you see a Dolphin jump up from the sea and dive back in gracefully, these sensational feelings find themselves only in those genuine Naturalist hearts that never want to lose the delight of experiencing the wilderness as it comes..WILD!
So take a step forward. Come out of your cuccoon and let your folks jump into passion if they want to. If their heart’s in it, they’re already halfway there! Help them along the other half and get yourself that place in Heaven you’ve been trying to book all this while! ;) C’mon people! It’s time we learn to let our hearts take the action! Live it up the way you dreamt you would!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gen X and its Predecessors

Today's generation. The youth. Gen X. Its misconceptions, mistakes, wrong-doings, mentality etc. a hot topic of discussion at most older generation 'hang-outs'. But apart from those negativities, does the older generation actually manage to see the fact that among misled youngsters who have taken to drugs and alcohol, among third class cheapsters, among sophisticated teens who roll in their ancestoral money are also hidden some rare gems? Gems who shine only when they feel they have reached that level. Until then they are underdogs. Who work silently, effectively and most importantly, continually, for the benefit of the Nation in many-a-ways.
Some individuals of the older generation do exist who actually live by what they say out in the open- about the youth being the ones who have the power to influence what happens in a country. These are those rare encouraging 'adults' who think rationally, and understand that their presence in the lives of these youths, is indeed a major thing. They play a pivotal role in affecting the minds, the habits, the thought process and the rationality of the youth. Teachers, Parents, older members of the family, are those who come in constant contact with youngsters. It's what they teach us that influences us to a great extent. The rest is obviously left to our own personality.
Point is, can the older generation not see , that the way they have used the resources of the world, the way they have done things, and the situation that Planet Earth now faces is something that everyone of them has played part to.And today, WE have to stop calamity from striking. They call us a mass of baseless, senseless and irrational fools. We arent a band of vagabonds! How many of them know when they say such things, that as they speak their words, there is a teenager somewhere educating younger school kids about global warming and its effects, there is a youth somewhere who is working for a multi-national company and quits because the company's standards are totally anti-environment , a student somewhere who is researching wildlife and its millions of species, a whole batch of students who are studying topics related to solving our gravest problems ever... do these thoughts ever occur?
Activists- Environmental activists happen to consist of an unimagineable amount of students. All of us who use up all our reserves of patience in explaining issues and their urgency, and finally yell our lungs out, have a goal. Narrowing it down to the last division, what about all of us, who may not be the best cooks or the most ideal sons and daughters. but who have an ambition, a destination to reach for which we work hard day and night. what about all of us? We may not know how to arrange table linen, or how to make the cuisines of the world, but we do know the theories behind the most urgent issues like global warming, wildlife conservation, enviromental degradation, resource management and the like. This isnt a publicising stunt. It's a request to all those elderly and experienced folks who have the weirdest misconceptions about our generation. You may be right about a few individuals but please don't generalise us into one category!
This is a thank you, to all those teachers, those uncles, aunties, sirs and madams who have encouraged the youth in such fields. A thank you that was long overdue. A request to keep it going because everyone needs at least an ounce of encouragement especially when you know they're doing good work. To all of you who taught us the importance of trees, the actual theory of the greenhouse effect, what will happen and why, those of you who taught us that illegal wildlife trade is something we should put an end to and not concentrate on which politician's which son got married where. - Thank you!
You know, we maybe a fast generation, thing is, we're smart too. And those of us who have our heads in the right places, will prove at the end, that the cause we were,are and will keep working for, deserves more attention than it gets; whatever the cause may be. It's a mutual thing. If you dont teach us and guide us, we wouldnt become the people we are today. So dont stop believing in us the day we graduate from school or college. Be with us right through. Coz we want to see you happy as well. Someday we're going to be in your position. And we would like to hand down a better planet to Gen Y that comes next! Hoping that armagedon doesnt strike at Gen Z... causing the end of the alphabet and the end of the world to coincide! Trust Gen X a little more. You'll FEEL the difference.
- This one's for you Aga,Kaa, and avi, baavi, anna, surr, sharon, nikki, Rada, RD, Abhay D,Gida, n evryone who believes and supports righteousness. THANK YOU!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

When a part of u goes missing... and so does another!

There are those times when you're having a blast, livin it up to the fullest, times when u dont even anticipate that someone most precious, most special, most integral a part of ur life, will just walk out one day. You never even realise how and when someone becomes so important to you. So much a part of you that you feel miserably unlike yourself without them... and could it be worse when this happens over n over again??

Call it luck, call it fate, destiny, whatever you want. I call it simply - unfair! This one Baavi, is for u! I dont know how, and when, and WHY u became so much, me! All those things we've done together, those times, those memories, obviously will always shine in the back of our already very full heads.. but cmon man! Who will come home n scream from down -"Appy!!!! come down!!!" n who will fall while playing tree to tree and tear her jeans n start crying n hug me get lectured about the amazing raffoo wala next to my house! and who will help me mimick sumant sir and babar sir and all those mad genetics teachers we have?

Who will scream at me when i dont study? who will tell me about amazing places which have yummy rumball? who will complete her journals and give them to me for copying?!?! I WILL FAIL !!! u know i NEVER do journal completion on time! Who will encourage you to ride ur bike confidently?? Who will sit behind me n go -"GO! GO! GO! FUCK! phachhhhak!! " and fall from the bike with me in the world's most hillarious accident ever?? Who will tell you scientific names of snakes u ask about? Who will take u to pirangut n tamhini? Who will give u royal body guard protection??

Who will sing made up songs in front of the whole college without giving a damn!? who will come to me during chem pracs and say- "That bitch next to me is really annoying yaar, she doesnt help me one bit!!!! " n then have suruchi turn around n say hi to that same 'bitch' !! Baavi.. who will look out for you? who will teach u the a,b,c of riding bikes? who will take u to durga and to sripad to eat misal? how will we meet in G parking and go mad? how will we insult those people at CCD? Who will make chocolate for me and bring??

Who will play with ileana's hand and yell "anna, anna" all over the place?? who will run all over the lab and finally find me and stand there only n chat with me and then read- "Two girls died. One of them survived." ?? Who wil curse the lab incharge with me?? Who will hug me whenever i burst out crying? Who will listen to me go on and on and on about trying ur level best to forget break ups?? Who wil play the folding game and 'name place animal thing' with the gang? who will come all dressed up to college in the MONSOON!!! and then when ur chappal breaks who will run in the pouring rain to get u new ones?? and who will sit on the gutter and that botany ka katta and do photo sessions? Who will call raju bhaiyya to bring neembu paani?

Who will do all this Baavi?? You know what my dear, i dont wnat u to feel bad or anything. I want you to know, that all this, doesnt have to stop. Ive seen friendships fall and shatter bcoza the lack of time. Baavi, if that ever happens to us, i assure u, we both gota jump from that waterfall at pirangut! And remember we have signed a pact - laughter challenge!! Anyway, point is, nothing needs to change. As long as we can all spend time with each other and keep in touch. Things will be different. but u know, whenEVER u need that smiling face in front of u, a friend to hear u out, to go mad with, whenever u need entertainment, or help, support, advice, or simply me, u know where to find me. One of the few ppl who will actually know where to find me!!

And baavi, dont look anywhere. just go bang on ahead honey. the world's ur's. study hard. do very well. n ul see what the hell i was talkin bout when i said "If u set ur mind to something, even I cant stop u from getting there.U WILL succeed Devashri.Always."

I dont know how man, but yeah one thing's for sure, U n Ileana... are damn precious. n boy am i glad she isnt leaving (this year at least!). Mom jst told me to stop crying..n said this is life, she hasnt gone out of the city or something.. but u know wat, ive never seen her so shocked. to see me cry. n when she asked what happened, i said- Devashri went. can u believe this?? say no haan!

And please oh please do NOT ask people at physiotherapy- did i jst stamp on ur foot or ur hand?? Idiot!! ride ur bike carefully, dont get into wrong company, and eat n sleep well. coz unless ur healthy, ur academics go down the drain. and we dont want a repeat telecast of HSC results. Love you Baaviduuuu... really duuu! :) keep the crackpot in u alive n kickin!

This was ur surprise! - all i wanted to say to u today.. didnt have the words in college... so wrote it down! And dude! - WE rock!!!! :D rickshe chi atmakatha and shukra daande.. will be made someday.. by a physio and a herpetologist! ;) Rock on kiddo! Love you more than the Malabar Pit Viper also! Mmmmmmuah!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Issue or Misconception?

Are climate change, global warming, rise in temperature, really issues or are they just misconceptions that can be ignored? What will happen if the earth's temperature rises?Will we really be in danger? Or is it a myth doing the rounds scaring the living daylights out of people?
Time for the truth. Planet Earth. the Blue Planet. Visible as a gorgeous blue even from space, is now, a grey sphere rotating not-so-happily-ever after! The pollution we have caused,has actually changed the colour of our planet.Man has been on this planet for the last 11,500yrs.In that much time,we managed to actually change the appearance of our whole planet! Which is not an achievement.It is disaster! We had clues, hints, everything. But as usual, we chose to ignore. Ignore a disaster that will strike the whole planet.
Almost every fortnight now, we have articles in newspapers telling us about how the Europe-Asia ship pathway has opened up because Arctic ice is melting at a rate never before witnessed! This ice is melting because the planet's temperature IS rising.That was NOT a myth.The short waves that enter the earth's atmosphere from the sun, are converted into long wave radiation which is infra-red in nature.These long waves are not able to escape out of the atmosphere as they are supposed to do, due to the thick blanket of greenhouse gases that traps them within the atmosphere.This is called the 'Greenhouse Effect'. These waves ultimately end up heating the earth's surface, hence, raising the temperature.And since this effect takes place gloablly,it is called Global Warming.
This heat causes the ice to melt.This heat causes a shift of ocean currents.This heat causes a change in climate, i.e. -climate change!! So climate change, too, is not a misconception. We are having sudden heavy rains and extreme weather conditions due to this very reason. To those who have made themselves aware of the effects of further global warming, it is time to spread that awareness to those that are unaware. The immense weather changes and season shifts that are bound to occur, the total change of ecosystems, the extinction of all those species unable to cope with the ruthless fury of Nature, are just some of the incredible effects.
If ive scared you enough, id like to tell you now, that we can STILL do something to prevent this tragedy. We can behave responsibly towards our environment by using lesser electricity, switching the main switch of the tv sets off once ur done watching them, switching off mobile chargers once the mobiles are charged, using CFL lights, banning plastic, using cloth bags when we go shopping , asking people not to use plastic and not to throw it in our rivers to pollute what we drink , using water,paper,and our resources wisely, using our vehicles only when we need them, protesting against cutting of trees, planting new trees after consulting the authorities on the choice of specie. I can come up with much more. But im not the only person with a brain.
We are the people who make the governments. We choose our representatives. So if they dont do their jobs, WE have the power to make them step down. Use your voices in the right places. When you see trees being cut, or water being wasted, or animals being poached, raise ur voice! Because YOU are part of a planet that will see disaster if everyone like you chooses SILENCE OVER SENSE.
If more information is required by any reader, please feel free to contact
apoorvanature@gmail.com and you will receive your answers as soon as possible. however, please title your emails 'response to blog' . thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and now, take some more time, and spread the messege. Why? Because you matter.

Friday, August 10, 2007


August 7th,07- Pune- The Times of India - 1300 trees are to be cut down on Baner road in order to make space for the construction of 4 new roads.Indigenous trees such as the Banyan, Mango, and the Peepal are also to be cleared and hacked out of the way of the road dept. Apparently, this is an effort to make the city look more beautiful for the upcoming Commonwealth Youth Games to be held in the city next year.An international impression,which is going to be-wrong!
We're supposed to be having at least 33.3% of the total land in our country under forest cover.right now, what we have,is between 6-9%.That is appalling! Wake up people! the road dept is going to make the most absurd claims now.so are the freaks who actually grant permission for this.Either they dont want clean air to breathe after the CYG are over, or they dont want drinking water in the future.Whatever little of the tree cover we have left,that too they want to take away for an event that isnt exactly happening all round the year in the city.It's one freakking game event! We're destroying 1300 trees!!! for that!! its not some simple number like 3 or 4, its 1300!!! do u have any clue how much time it is going to take to recover the loss that we're going to be facing?? taking into consideration the fact that our folks dont exactly keep their word of replanting trees that they cut down for the unbelievable amount of reasons, add to it the time that each of these trees will take to grow to full size.how many years will that be? by then im telling u, we're going to be in a situation where in we will be facing the worst situation ever.ultimately, the only thing we're going to be left with, are going to be those 4 roads constructed for one game event.
And if anyone is willing to accept that,please realise that neither u nor ur future generations are going to be able to breathe oxygen and drink water,unless of course ur some smart ass character who is going to develop this hi-fundoo technique to make artificial oxygen and water etc. in that case, u might as well begin now!
People, this is 1300 trees!!! Please try and think logically of what we're doing under the name of development. Obviously this hasnt gone down in the good books of Environmentalists and Naturalists and members of organisations like Pune Tree Watch etc. obviously they will do something. but i have a question. an honest question. Don't YOU want to breathe?!?! dont YOU want fresh air n clean water and a green home where u arent burnt by the sun or freezing to death?? then why cant YOU raise ur voice too? why cant YOU contribute to making YOUR home worth living???
I know for a fact that i would want to live in a better world.and i also know that i cant have that if i dont do something about it myself. Neither can u. So please wake up. PLease realise that we're destroying our home. and we cannot be selfish like this. because we do not have the right to dishome the hundreds of birds and insects and other animals living in these trees,feeding on them and basically,surviving on them.the top soil is as good as gone if these trees go.and when as many as 1300 trees are hacked mercilessly, dont u murderers dare complain or erratic rainfall and floods and crap like that.if ur contributing to it, u better face the music! those who are actually using their heads and doing something about it, u dont let them work. use your own tarsier sized brain n come up with rubbish plans like this one!
this is not like a pause button! that u can pause the trees' presence there for the games and then restart their growth process.you're kidding yourself! and if u still dont see the point, then may the almighty knock the daylights out of u or just knock some sense into u.
as for those who DO see the point- please speak up. u may just be one of the very few who can do soemthing about issues like this one.use ur voice and find out its capability.Mine's pretty loud, so i know wat im talking about.
Please wake up Pune. It's high time now. Our homes are being snatched away form us in front of our very eyes. Save them. Save those 1300 trees!!!
please excuse the spelling mistakes.those dont really matter to me as much as the urgency of the issue.

Monday, June 25, 2007

A "toast" to destruction...

I recently quit soft drinks... as in.. pespi, coke, etc... friends asked-why? i said-environmental hazzard. how? - long story. n ive got the time to tell it. Well, thing is, every soft drink is basically water with insecticides n colour n crap in it. in this case, the water is of basic concern. the site at which these factories r set up, are made by clearing trees/forests. then the ground water is tapped. which is then used to manufacture ur favourite soft drinks. to which colour, pesticide, insecticide n heaven knows what else is added!
this ground water that is tapped, is the life line of all the surrounding life that literally depends on it! and when this is tapped, its like a suction plug sucking up all the water... and with it, all the life around. when i learned of this, invariably, the Wildlife buff that i am, i started seeing dead animals on the covers of soft drink bottles... was like a nightmare! like being haunted or something. but the worst part is, this is real. ghosts may not be real. but this is. and that horrifies me.
that evrytime u unscrew u bottle of fanta or something, ur depriving a perfectly innocent animal of drinking water. and u do NOT have that right. none of us, whether we pledge our lives to conservation or not, have the right to disturb the ecological cycle. if the government decides one fine day, to simple cut off ur water pipe connections, u wont even be able to begin to imagine what ul go thru... well, same thing then isnt it? ul sit n fight ur lungs with the people for subjecting u to unforgiveable injustice n crap like that. dude- u have a voice. the animals dnt even have that. which is more reason for u to not disturb them.
u have a bunch of wonderful other liquids that are cold, natural, sweet n healthy to top it all... choose wisely people. ur choice decides an animals life. i merely decided not to contribute to indirect loss of life-innocent life.
this article wasnt intended to be one of those highly influential ones that i try n put up otherwise... was basically a simple revelation of truth. that ur actions, what u do, affects someone somewhere who didnt ever do nething to hurt u- n ur hurting that someone by snatching away from it the basis of all life- water!
so think. before u pick up that bottle the next time. and lemme tell u, feels mindblowing to know that ur right decision is making a good difference to a life.feels very very good. on the lighter side of things...if u dont fancy the natural healthy drinks i mentioned before, there's always alcohol!!! (base again-water)... dnt always listen to me!!! use ur own head too! bottom line is- u can make the difference. try. thats the only word that limits u. dont let it.try again.each time!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


thats the link to a video. if u take the time off to watch it, u may juts feel the need to scream n tell the world, that humans dont have hearts anymore.
thats something, that makes ur hair stand on end. n shock the daylights out of u. thats waht happened in japan. thats the fate of innocent Dolphins. thats what we do. thats what humans- the so called superior species- do to innocent animals when we dont have the right or the authority to. watch that video. n ul see water being poured into the sea, n that water is bright red, n so is the sea there, u know why? coz that water is the blood...of Dolphins. that have been hacked to death by japanese people. n please watch that video with sound on. coz u wont know what ur missing otherwise.
thats how we treat our animals. thats how we treat our heritage. n that exactly why, man should be given the most painful death ever.
i dont know what else to say bcoz i dont have words to describe that Dolphin massacre. please watch it right till the end. thank u. for taking the time off.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Supermarket- of a different kind-

It's a well known fact that the illegal trade in Wild animals and their "products" has been going on for quite some time now. right from the early 1990s. the "proprietor" of most of the trading chains happens to be known as the "Veerapan of the north" alias- Sansar Chand. a well known name,and of significant fame!
The earliest incontrovertible evidence of a gigantic market emerged in August 1993, when the Delhi police,with the assistance of forest dept. officials & TRAFFIC-India seized a huge haul of 283 kg of Tiger bones,estimably representing the remains of 25 Tigers.Along with the bones, 8 Tiger skins, 43 Leopard skins, and over 100 skins of sundry protected animals were seized from Pema Thinley, a Tibetan exile and Mohammad Yaqub, a known local skin trader.
the sheer scale of the haul was atrocious, and the claim of the accused to the operator that they could produce 1000kg of Tiger bone within a month revealed the mammoth scale of Delhi's wildlife market.Investigations revealed that a huge network of traders,including Sansar Chand,were procuring wildlife articles from across the country,storing, and supplying to those buyers from Nepal n Tibet.
In the past 10 years,Delhi has continued to be the centre of illegal Tiger trade. In August 1994, 12 mounted Tiger heads and a Tiger skin coat were seized from New Rohtak Road, and in December 1994, 2 Tiger skins were found with a relative of Sansar Chand. Then, the Delhi police seized 6 Tiger skins from a Kashmiri trader in April 1996 and in November 1997, a person was arrested in Delhi's Nizammudin area with a Tiger skin.By the end of 1996, two separate seizures in Delhi, revealed 2 Tiger skins, a Leopard skin, n some Chital Deer skins. There was a skin recovery in 1999 and 2000, 2 separate confiscations in Lajpatnagar and Anand Vihar which had the police on the tail of traders with international links.In 2001 and 2002 one skin seizure each were recorded.In February 2003, the Delhi Police recovered a mounted Tiger head and a skin.Clearly the trade was alive and well,but equally clear was the fact that we were way behind the trail, which was thriving,but had managed to escape detection.
When the seizure data over the years is analysed, it suggests that Delhi trades in almost evrything that the illegal wildlife market is willing to lift.Ivory carvings,bangles,buttons n cane handles collectively weighing 26.4 kg. were seized from 2 accused in April 2001 while in August 2005, a shop owner from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, was arrested in North Delhi with 6kg of raw ivory in his possession.
Following are a number of such cases which have been listed to prove the extent to which the trade has risen. Statistics have been provided to emphasise the seriousness of the issue, to which only a deaf ear has been turned.

July 2004 - 18kg consignment of Copperhead Rat Snake skins imported.
October 15th, 2005 - illegal consignment of 95 birds, including 6 Peacocks.
May 13th, 2001 - one of the largest bird seizures- 1,200 Red Munias and 33 Alexandrine Parakeets- stopped before being smuggled to the middle east.
June 2002 - recovery of nearly 1,000 kg of common mongoose hair-manufacture of paint brushes.
1999 - in the 1st 3 months- 290 'shahtoosh' shawls confiscated.
February 2001 - 70 shawls.
September 26th 2001 - 460 kg of shahtoosh wool -3 different incidents within a month.
April 2003 - 215 kg or PURE shahtoosh wool-from truck to Majnu ka Tila- infamous residential area of Tibetan migrants.
November 2005 - in 4days CBI arrested 5traders-planned operation-recovered 21 shawls.
Early 2005- Sansar Chand's daughter found in possession of 1 Snow Leopard , 7 Leopard and 2 Tiger skins. Further investigation led police to Shadi-Khampur where a veritable supermall of grizzly contraband was unearthed involving 30 Leopard, 42 Otter skins, 3 kg of Tiger nails, 14 Tiger teeth, 20 Tiger claws, 10 Tiger jaws, 60 kg of Leopard claws, 135 kg of Porcupine quills. - this was part of the uncontrolled empire of the notorious wildlife trafficker, Sansar Chand who takes delivery orders on telephone and supplies the products of choice to voracious international customers.
April 2005 - Timarpur police recovered 45 Leopard and 14 Otter skins.-said skins were procured from Sansar Chand-transporting them to Kathmandu.
February 2006 - 34 freshly tanned Leopard skins n 4 Otter skins.-destined for Siliguri n then to Nepal.
Decmber 18th, 1999 - consignment of 50 Leopard skins and 5 Otter skins, and 3 Tiger skins recovered.
May 2000 - parcel containing 50 Leopard and 5 Otter skins recovered.
April 2000 - a Leopard skin and nearly 4 kg of 'charas' from 2 accused.
March 1988 - Seelampur police recovered 26,000 snake skins , 2,000 small cat skins, and some Tiger skins from the house of one Maqbool.
1992, 1995, and January 2003, saw some major recoveries as well.

Sansar Chand has been aressted twice and released on both occasions. No further action against him has been taken and the illegal supermarket continues to have a thriving existence, with thousands of buyers, millions of willing suppliers, and a number of meddlesome middle-men, all of whom work against the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 , and fearlessly and/or ruthlessly deprive the Wild animals of their rights. An article on the background and a briefing on Sansar Chand will be uploaded next.
please note- the statistics are from Sanctuary Asia - the most reknowned Wildlife magazine there is. They are absolutely correct and a genuine apology to Sanctuary Asia for having used the material from an article in the issue- April 2006. Thank u.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Terrorism in Assam-its effects on Wildlife

Ulfa has been terrorising Assam for the last 2weeks at least. the terror has taken the lives of many innocent people.many innocent animals. what the Government doesnt identify as a problem however, is that the harm that is done to human life, the same harm is done to Wild life as well. why does no body ever donate for animal wlefare? during the tsunami, we all donated everything we could to the people who were affected. but what about the animals??? who donated to them? except those very few people who care for them and who left their jobs and their work and went to help the animals affected,apart fromt hem, who else donated what to the animals??
the terror in Assam, is being publicised so much.Did anyone think that the area in which the blasts are occurring, has an evergreen forest stretch and semi-evergreen forests as well??? Did anyone think that these blasts are destroying the forests and its inhabitants?? NO! Why not???
coz u hold human dearer than animal life. well think twice- If the animals had not alerted the humans during the dec 2006 tsunami, those certain people would surely have died. these creatures save u, n u think of them last. amazing way to re-pay na???
it's high time someone starts realising that these animals have the right to live. NO ONE has the right to take that right away from them! Ulfa are bombing the places in Assam bcoz they are against hindi speaking people there. My god!!! Hindi is our national language!!!! that way-ur against all Indians!!!! and how ever ruthless they seem(the Indians), they still care deeply about their nation- or maybe thats what id like to believe! just bcoz of terrorists, we cannot give up on ur precious forests!
Incredible India- a recently started campaign shows all our states and their specialities. Arunachal Pradesh an Assam- are very very important for the country's Wildlife and the country as a whole!!! the campaign shows lush green thick forests in these states- how is that going to remain if the whole place is bombed down by cowards who cant face life and turn to terrorism on the name of religion!!!! how can u differentiate humans on which God they believe in!?!?!
have u seen God??? how do u know he exists??? its a belief isnt it??? then why the drama?!!? why killing innocent people??? did they tell u not to speak in ur regional language? NO! then why target the hindi speaking people??? its bloody cruelty! whats the point of calling urselves slaves og "God" and then killing in his name??? if he wnated people to die, trust me he would ahev appointed many people to do that before the population went for a hit!!!! he would not have created if he wanted it destroyed by stupid people like terrorists!!!
saddest part is, some of these people who kill in the name of God...are actually educated!! i mean what school did they go to!?!?- St.Killer's??? even sadder part is- the Governaments of all these countries will sit n argue like weirdos while they kill more and more animals n people! then sit n griev over the loss. then take "action"!! which has been so effective till now u know!!!
get real man!!! and again- if these forests are destroyed, are the ministers who
"pledge their help to the victims" going to sit and plant trees?!?!? i doubt! ha!! its quite clear the money, the power and the votes, the acting is more impotant to these power-crazed maniacs. they wont do anything for Wildlife or even human life for that matter..until someone shakes things up.ot the Ulfa way...but maybe the decent way!!!
its time to teach them a lesson. its time to teach terrorists that Indians are NOT afraid of them. that Indians will help each other no matter where u put a bomb and what ur intensions!! and TRUE Indians will never let their country fall in the hands of such cowards!!! thast what they are- cowards!!! who are afraid to live!! so they kill. psychopaths!! the world will NOT encourage them but the people have to do something before its too late for them to get the messege!! too late for them to realise that we're gona live no matter what they do to obstruct life!!
and in memory of all those brave fighters who went down fighting- their examples will not go waste! the animals, the forests the essence of the North-East appeals to Indians- says- save us before we fall in the wrong hands.before we are blasted right thru!!
SO WAKE UP INDIA- AND DO SOMETHING!!! SAVE THE ESSENCE OF THE NORTH-EAST! IT NEEDS YOU. IT NEEDS US ALL. TO STAND UP STRING AGAINST THESE ERASERS OF LIFE. we can do this and we will!!! the Wildlife shall remain undisturbed!!! as it deserves to be!!!