Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Agumbe n Me... Finalleeeee

3 years ago, when I first heard of Agumbe, I had made up my mind, that after I visit Australia Zoo in Beerwah, New South Wales, Australia, I would make it a point to visit Agumbe next. Had made up my mind, that after I met the hero of my life, my dreams, everything, I would go work for a wonderful species, that has fascinated me through and through! The longest venomous snake on Earth. The King Cobra. That worshipped charming giant serpent that has a very intelligent air about it. 3 years ago, when I made this decision, I was barely passing out of the 9th grade in school. And now, in my Second Year of Graduation, I get a chance, to do what I came to do. Work my way towards a better tomorrow, for the animals, for me, for the children that are going to inherit this world. For Planet Earth. In the many ways that I'd chalked out, to achieve that goal, this was a very important piece in the jigsaw puzzle. never thought it would come by itself and fit. It did exactly that. Proving again, what I strongly believe in : The best things in life come when you LEAST expect them. :) Uncannily true!
The Chambal Expedition came at a time when I was least expecting important work to come my way! At the beginning of graduation! I had hopes. That now that I'm doing my graduation, there's got to be some kind of strong work I can get. Having no idea that the expedition would happen to me, I just kept going, looking, working with what I had, and hoping. Just as I'd begun to think that nothing's going to come to me, the Gharials came calling. And now, when I have established that there isnt a day I'd like to spend out of the wilderness, comes Agumbe. To the rescue. Well, not technically a rescue. Because Im not hating or disliking my life currently. It's going impressively well!! But I'd really never thought that a target that was set about a few months, if not years, ahead of this date, has been pre-poned to the next 3days! I leave for Agumbe Rainforest Research Station on the 14th of June, 2008. Today, is the 11th. Life's changing. It's taking a turn for the better. In all possible ways. Have wonderful people in my life. A great purpose to live it, some amazing things to do, a couple of promises to keep, a million watt smile to keep, and then, those massive unthought of times I need to take a leap! :) If only he'd been here to see this. I bet Mr.Hero is watching. I bet he's happy too. So am I. But it's different.. to have a personal reaction. Anyway, so heading out to King Cobra land, doesnt leave you any scope for being ill-prepared. Rain jackets, sweaters, plenty of plastic covers for equipment, clothes (duh!!), leech socks!! , sleeping bags, swiss knives, etc.. :) Camping gear establishment begins! packing starts tonight. Tickets need to be booked. And basically, Im loving every bit of it. Maybe not the bit that requires me leaving some VERY important people behind and going... missing important days with them, but returning, to see (hopefully) wild wide smiles on their faces! Lots to anticipate. Lots to do. Lots to care about. Very less time. So I thought, before I disappear for sometime now, I'd leave an account of exactly where this writer's gone off to. And assure myself (and anyone who reads this blog), that the account on Agumbe is going to be action packed n wild! ;) So back to the wild goes this creature... to where it belongs.. to secure a wilder, better future! :)
Parting words - Stay Wild ... for none of us really is mild.. wake up inside, bring out the wild child inside! :)