Monday, September 15, 2008

Are we fighting a lost battle?

Are we fighting for a cause that is not understood at all? Or are we merely pretending to be fighting? When one moment, something makes you overjoyed, and you think positive that Life isnt really all that bad. yeah fine. It isnt. Not for you. not for me. But what about those innocent animals, those innocent creatures that go about their own business, living their lives silently, but even then, at the end of the day, they get slaughtered, they get trapped in cages and poked at and beaten up, all for the sake of human wellfare(??) or human entertainment.

Why are we like this? Why do we behave like this? What is it that makes us such a selfish race? A race that doesnt't even once think of the consequences that their acts could have on another species. When did we become beasts? Why is the world so careless, so heartless now? Where did all that love and concern go? Where did the strong advocators of wildlife conservation go? Why dont people stand up to corruption in our government? It's us who elects these people after all. Then why are we seeing today like this? Why cant today be a much better day? Why cant tomorrow be beautiful?

I wish I could answer ANY of these questions...I wish i had the answers. Because I would really like to know what gives us humans the power to proclaim that we are the superior race on Earth and hence, have the authority to behave as we want with Mother Earth and her other children. If one person could give me a satisfactory answer to any of the above questions, I'd be very very grateful!

About half an hour ago, I almost jumped with joy at the thought of my dearest person coming back home, my doggie, Whiskey. And seconds later, I read an article on Kalyan Varma's live online journal about the the trapped Leopard in Valparai. that made me forget my own existance. What can we do to make sure animals dont get treated like scum in this country!? Why is the proportion od the "do-good"ers so negligable compared to the crackpots? Why did that leopard have to go through so much torture? Why should only 4-5 people fight for it while others think of the poor stressed animal as a source of entertainment?? Why do we always fail to appreciate the wilderness? Why is it that the first thought that comes into our minds at the sight of a forest is "what can i build here??" ? Why cant we just for once, for once, appreciate in all its might and beauty, the gifts that we still have left with us in the wild today? Why must the Gharial go extinct because its almost already got there?!?! Why must the Tiger see extinction as the next step!? Why cant we just keep out of their lives and let them live on their own? Why cant we let them do their thing and bounce back?! Why interfere!? Why cant everyone think of rehabilitating poachers as a means of reducing poaching?? Why dont these ideas hit with the masses? Are we that closed-minded even today? Cant we think out of the box, and face reality before we're left with nothing to face!!?

Why should every forest be looked upon as a potential residential/commercial complex?! Why cant it just be the eternal source of our oxygen and refuge from the killing suffocating fumes of the city? Why cant I choose to live where I want? Why does someone else have the right to destroy it? I choose forests. I choose not to live in a city. Why is that so wrong in the eyes of even those educated smart ass people??

Why cant ONE animal be left with his right to live!? MUST we snatch everything from everyone!? Cant we let the other species live in peace?? Please? Havent you ever seen an animal in pain and FELT it yourself? Thats what it's like to lose your home, your right to live, your world! That's what we're doing to ALL wildlife... and eventually, ourselves!! Please wake up .. I dont know who im addressing this to. But please at least help those who ARE doing something good. ..

having approached a severe loss for words, I now sign off.