Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gen X and its Predecessors

Today's generation. The youth. Gen X. Its misconceptions, mistakes, wrong-doings, mentality etc. a hot topic of discussion at most older generation 'hang-outs'. But apart from those negativities, does the older generation actually manage to see the fact that among misled youngsters who have taken to drugs and alcohol, among third class cheapsters, among sophisticated teens who roll in their ancestoral money are also hidden some rare gems? Gems who shine only when they feel they have reached that level. Until then they are underdogs. Who work silently, effectively and most importantly, continually, for the benefit of the Nation in many-a-ways.
Some individuals of the older generation do exist who actually live by what they say out in the open- about the youth being the ones who have the power to influence what happens in a country. These are those rare encouraging 'adults' who think rationally, and understand that their presence in the lives of these youths, is indeed a major thing. They play a pivotal role in affecting the minds, the habits, the thought process and the rationality of the youth. Teachers, Parents, older members of the family, are those who come in constant contact with youngsters. It's what they teach us that influences us to a great extent. The rest is obviously left to our own personality.
Point is, can the older generation not see , that the way they have used the resources of the world, the way they have done things, and the situation that Planet Earth now faces is something that everyone of them has played part to.And today, WE have to stop calamity from striking. They call us a mass of baseless, senseless and irrational fools. We arent a band of vagabonds! How many of them know when they say such things, that as they speak their words, there is a teenager somewhere educating younger school kids about global warming and its effects, there is a youth somewhere who is working for a multi-national company and quits because the company's standards are totally anti-environment , a student somewhere who is researching wildlife and its millions of species, a whole batch of students who are studying topics related to solving our gravest problems ever... do these thoughts ever occur?
Activists- Environmental activists happen to consist of an unimagineable amount of students. All of us who use up all our reserves of patience in explaining issues and their urgency, and finally yell our lungs out, have a goal. Narrowing it down to the last division, what about all of us, who may not be the best cooks or the most ideal sons and daughters. but who have an ambition, a destination to reach for which we work hard day and night. what about all of us? We may not know how to arrange table linen, or how to make the cuisines of the world, but we do know the theories behind the most urgent issues like global warming, wildlife conservation, enviromental degradation, resource management and the like. This isnt a publicising stunt. It's a request to all those elderly and experienced folks who have the weirdest misconceptions about our generation. You may be right about a few individuals but please don't generalise us into one category!
This is a thank you, to all those teachers, those uncles, aunties, sirs and madams who have encouraged the youth in such fields. A thank you that was long overdue. A request to keep it going because everyone needs at least an ounce of encouragement especially when you know they're doing good work. To all of you who taught us the importance of trees, the actual theory of the greenhouse effect, what will happen and why, those of you who taught us that illegal wildlife trade is something we should put an end to and not concentrate on which politician's which son got married where. - Thank you!
You know, we maybe a fast generation, thing is, we're smart too. And those of us who have our heads in the right places, will prove at the end, that the cause we were,are and will keep working for, deserves more attention than it gets; whatever the cause may be. It's a mutual thing. If you dont teach us and guide us, we wouldnt become the people we are today. So dont stop believing in us the day we graduate from school or college. Be with us right through. Coz we want to see you happy as well. Someday we're going to be in your position. And we would like to hand down a better planet to Gen Y that comes next! Hoping that armagedon doesnt strike at Gen Z... causing the end of the alphabet and the end of the world to coincide! Trust Gen X a little more. You'll FEEL the difference.
- This one's for you Aga,Kaa, and avi, baavi, anna, surr, sharon, nikki, Rada, RD, Abhay D,Gida, n evryone who believes and supports righteousness. THANK YOU!!