Saturday, July 26, 2008

Terrorists or Politicians?!! Not much of a difference, is there?

Kaboom!!! And you dont know what hit you, from where, and why! Before you know it, you're being escorted to a hospital emergency wing, or worse still, probably up the stairway to Heaven. Those are the immediate consequences of a bomb blast on an individual. Apart from the crazy crowd that gathers around just to have a look at someone's who's struggling with his heart beat! And the next day, its all over the news! This party v/s that party. Trying to figure out which one was involved with the terrorists that had planted and exploded the bomb that hit you. You're probably watching all this from up in the sky... feeling a maddening ever growing anger.
Not a pretty sight is it? Well, considering this is a country in which politics and terrorism mixes and blends so well that common men cannot even tell the difference between the two, its quite an obvious sight. You cant tell the difference, because there IS none! Politics in India, and terrorism, are chained. Linked. Sub-sets of each other. You'd think they'd do something more than just keep saying ," We are doing all we can to see to it that terrorism is thrown out from India". But the truth is, if they have to throw terrorism out, they gonna have to pack up and leave the nation themselves! We cannot spend all our time asking Pakistan to stop encouraging terrorist camps. We need a life! Get up, out of your air conditioned offices, walk on the streets that are set ablaze by the bombs. Go and DO something about it. Actios speak more than words. Literally. If a bomb speaks, I'd love to know what the hell it means! Instead of blaming other countries, just enforce strict laws, give incentives to your own citizens to remain loyal to their own country, and for heaven's sake, show some faith and loyalty yourself! Expecting the government to come and clean up after a blast is bullshit. You chose the government. You voted. You have as much responsibility as a citizen. People like me, who do NOT believe in this government, would be most willing to go and help!
Our big shots and "leaders" are never going to understand how it feels to be a victim of a blast or the victim's relative. Unless you lose something, you dont learn how to value it. Sadly , that is human tendency today. We have forgotten to value human life. It is evident from the state our country is in. And you call it a developing nation! Yeah absolutely!! And Im Albus Dumbledore!
To the Terrorist/s :
Well, welcome to India. To those of you who were thinking of coming visiting... think once again. Is it really worth it?? To lose your life!? Blow up innocent folks.. so easy isnt it? Such sadastic pleasure!! Obviously 7 blasts in Bangalore , 17 in Ahmedabad were needed na to make your presence so evident! Way to go all you terrorists... oh man!! You guys are such BLOODY COWARDS that im amazed!! Ever heard of those folks in the Army, Navy, and the Airforce that put their lives on line to PROTECT their country? Yeah, well, is you havent, go to the houses of their family members, listen to the stories of how it feels to lose them at the front, and then decide whether what you're doing is even worthy of a Rat! Nah... you guys are sore. far worse and deep down in shit. Because all you can do is attack behind someone's back. That too, attack people who have never done anything to you. And then you say - "Muslim women have trouble in the country..etc..etc.." Dude! You expect them to get royal treatment?!!? Do you even REALIZE how much of convincing it takes to make oneself accept that not all Muslims are bad. Some of my best friends are Muslims. And i simply LOVE them. If anything EVER comes upon them, if you by chance, shoot at THEM instead of other people you seem to love killing, I would rather that bullet of your's goes into me (or you!!) than it goes into my friends. Your activities are the reason that Muslims face so much trouble around the world. Not just here! Because of YOU cowards!! because YOU cannot accept that they are happy here! Because YOU are disillusioned!! No one else! India and Indians stand by all their Muslim friends. You are the lot who dont. Just learn to live like civilized humans first. Leave the animalistic behaviour to the animals themselves. You know, the whole country would be really grateful if u come out of your dreamworld and face reality. You suck! Bigtime! And for you to blast cities and their residents, is something equally cowardly. Pity you... coz you cant even give yourself a chance to ACT normal. Yikes!! Poor you!
To the Indian:
Well, obviously, something is amiss isnt it? Most of us wills leep over it and forget about it the next day. But to those of you who cannot sleep while you know someone as innocent as you are, just got blown up,and someone else is about to - well, time to go! We have the power to change things (even slightly, lets start small) if we want to. Look at our sheer number! But sadly, we do not want things to change, coz we're too lazy.
To the Indian Politician:
Sorry, you do not fall in the above category of "Indian". You have worked very hard and extremely diligently to create this separate category for yourself. Something that commands ZERO respect. You're even lower down than the terrorist! At least they are disillusioned into believing that some weirdo God wants them to blow uo the world. Which God came and told you to sell your country?! The chap needs a reality check. Anyway, while you are away blaming other countries for having supported terrorism in various ways, our country is literally, going to the dogs! (Metaphor!! I happen to love dogs!) So, you know what! Nothing can be sadder than a country full of politicians that are fighting for money and power, while their homes are being blown apart. You guys really evoke a bought of sickness in me you know. Coz you have so many people believe that you can ever be of some use. I wish they'd just see your true colours. You sit in a Parliament, and fight. Abuse each other and our Honourable Speaker. Dont even LOOK at what's happening beyond your world of power and money. Free eye check ups for all then, is it? Dont think it will work though. You need to be "blasted" with the concept of being an Indian. Of being human! Of valuing fellow human lives, even if it is the life of a vegetable vendor who got blown in a blast. It's still human! It's not a threat, but a hopeful prediction when I say that- If you dont mend your ways now, you will face nothing short of mutiny in this country. And believe me, the citizens EASILY out-number you.
To the concerned Indian and the actual hard working Politicians:
I have nothing to say to you , except that- we are very few in number, but still have scope. If we choose to never give up , we WILL win. Against money minded fiends who call themselves our "leaders" , against misled,heartless Terrorists, against people who fail to, or are to scared to believe in their own power, over the disputing politicians, and the blasting terrorists. We WILL win. Keep the faith.

To anyone else who doesnt fit in ANY category above-
It's best to join the last category. Needs people doesnt it!? Unless you have other dispositions that make you want to be a feuding fiend.
Rise India.. your time is Now.