Monday, June 25, 2007

A "toast" to destruction...

I recently quit soft drinks... as in.. pespi, coke, etc... friends asked-why? i said-environmental hazzard. how? - long story. n ive got the time to tell it. Well, thing is, every soft drink is basically water with insecticides n colour n crap in it. in this case, the water is of basic concern. the site at which these factories r set up, are made by clearing trees/forests. then the ground water is tapped. which is then used to manufacture ur favourite soft drinks. to which colour, pesticide, insecticide n heaven knows what else is added!
this ground water that is tapped, is the life line of all the surrounding life that literally depends on it! and when this is tapped, its like a suction plug sucking up all the water... and with it, all the life around. when i learned of this, invariably, the Wildlife buff that i am, i started seeing dead animals on the covers of soft drink bottles... was like a nightmare! like being haunted or something. but the worst part is, this is real. ghosts may not be real. but this is. and that horrifies me.
that evrytime u unscrew u bottle of fanta or something, ur depriving a perfectly innocent animal of drinking water. and u do NOT have that right. none of us, whether we pledge our lives to conservation or not, have the right to disturb the ecological cycle. if the government decides one fine day, to simple cut off ur water pipe connections, u wont even be able to begin to imagine what ul go thru... well, same thing then isnt it? ul sit n fight ur lungs with the people for subjecting u to unforgiveable injustice n crap like that. dude- u have a voice. the animals dnt even have that. which is more reason for u to not disturb them.
u have a bunch of wonderful other liquids that are cold, natural, sweet n healthy to top it all... choose wisely people. ur choice decides an animals life. i merely decided not to contribute to indirect loss of life-innocent life.
this article wasnt intended to be one of those highly influential ones that i try n put up otherwise... was basically a simple revelation of truth. that ur actions, what u do, affects someone somewhere who didnt ever do nething to hurt u- n ur hurting that someone by snatching away from it the basis of all life- water!
so think. before u pick up that bottle the next time. and lemme tell u, feels mindblowing to know that ur right decision is making a good difference to a life.feels very very good. on the lighter side of things...if u dont fancy the natural healthy drinks i mentioned before, there's always alcohol!!! (base again-water)... dnt always listen to me!!! use ur own head too! bottom line is- u can make the difference. try. thats the only word that limits u. dont let it.try again.each time!