Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coming Home Now

I've been meaning to write another article for quite a while, would write parts of it and save it as a draft without knowing that today I'll end up writing something totally different.

On the 11th of April, a Gharial and a Mugger were both found dead in the Chambal river, wrapped in fishing nets and both dead due to drowning. I could not help but storm into the blog that day and write a page full of slang but then, there was no point in pouring frustration out here. Channelizing it, is more important than pouring it out. A lesson learned the hard way. So well, there are no updates on the dead Crocs yet.

I've spent the last two days trying to the core of my bones to get a train ticket to Sawai madhopur from mumbai on the 16th of May! It's one freaking month away but thanks to vacation season, even the waiting lists are full up! So the rule of life, take what u get and shut up. Ticket for the 17th has been confirmed. Nothing to whine about. It's just that sometimes only you know why you want certain things the way u want them, and when they don't happen, it's like a failure that creeps upon you. It is deeply pathetic, to hear about the death of such gorgeous animals!

For someone who is not attached to her family, it is a blow to learn that a place you love, and animals you love are facing the brunt of what mankind has thrust upon their homes, and them as individuals too. I don't know if that sentence made any sense. But I don't care.

It's been a very long time since I first started complaining about how much I dislike living in this, or any other city. Fancy this : You firmly believe that life is very short, and that in all the time you've got, you need to do every god damn thing you've dreamed of doing no matter what people think. And you have never wanted to live in a city. It is just not what you would call "home". But life and it's circumstantial complications are just adamant! You want a degree, which you can't get in a jungle. You need money, which you can't get in a jungle. You want friends, which, though you can make in a jungle, won't be human. So you have no choice but to accept that "conditions apply".

I didn't ever think that I would practically carve the words "when opportunity comes, take it" on my hand! (In sketch pen!) Didn't know it meant so much until now. I feel like I'm sent out on bail when I get a chance to go into some wild habitat. And like I'm back in jail when I'm here. In this stupid city where people just don't care! Every month or so, I find myself waiting desperately for that day when I will get back to a place I can finally call home! And miraculously, that chance does really come every now and then. Sometimes though, that interim between "now" and "then" seems just a bit too long! And the excitement piles on, builds up, and by the time you're supposed to leave this cemented and demented city, half the excitement is long gone!

Now, my whole motivation behind writing this article has flown off somewhere. Also, one very important discovery Ive just made! I wanted to know the collective noun for a group of crocodiles. And the word is 'float'. A float of Crocodiles. A sleuth of bears.. Sheeeesh! They think bears are detectives!! Storytelling of ravens!! Who makes these things!?!?

Oh I just remembered that the whole point behind writing this, was that I'm very excited about what I get to do a month from now! EXACTLY a month from now, I will be back home!! :) With the people I love... :) a rare chance.. dived at it. Waiting desperately to get on that train to daaku-land. For a reunion of the Team G. To re-live some fabulous moments and to recreate some more! :D