Friday, August 10, 2007


August 7th,07- Pune- The Times of India - 1300 trees are to be cut down on Baner road in order to make space for the construction of 4 new roads.Indigenous trees such as the Banyan, Mango, and the Peepal are also to be cleared and hacked out of the way of the road dept. Apparently, this is an effort to make the city look more beautiful for the upcoming Commonwealth Youth Games to be held in the city next year.An international impression,which is going to be-wrong!
We're supposed to be having at least 33.3% of the total land in our country under forest cover.right now, what we have,is between 6-9%.That is appalling! Wake up people! the road dept is going to make the most absurd claims are the freaks who actually grant permission for this.Either they dont want clean air to breathe after the CYG are over, or they dont want drinking water in the future.Whatever little of the tree cover we have left,that too they want to take away for an event that isnt exactly happening all round the year in the city.It's one freakking game event! We're destroying 1300 trees!!! for that!! its not some simple number like 3 or 4, its 1300!!! do u have any clue how much time it is going to take to recover the loss that we're going to be facing?? taking into consideration the fact that our folks dont exactly keep their word of replanting trees that they cut down for the unbelievable amount of reasons, add to it the time that each of these trees will take to grow to full many years will that be? by then im telling u, we're going to be in a situation where in we will be facing the worst situation ever.ultimately, the only thing we're going to be left with, are going to be those 4 roads constructed for one game event.
And if anyone is willing to accept that,please realise that neither u nor ur future generations are going to be able to breathe oxygen and drink water,unless of course ur some smart ass character who is going to develop this hi-fundoo technique to make artificial oxygen and water etc. in that case, u might as well begin now!
People, this is 1300 trees!!! Please try and think logically of what we're doing under the name of development. Obviously this hasnt gone down in the good books of Environmentalists and Naturalists and members of organisations like Pune Tree Watch etc. obviously they will do something. but i have a question. an honest question. Don't YOU want to breathe?!?! dont YOU want fresh air n clean water and a green home where u arent burnt by the sun or freezing to death?? then why cant YOU raise ur voice too? why cant YOU contribute to making YOUR home worth living???
I know for a fact that i would want to live in a better world.and i also know that i cant have that if i dont do something about it myself. Neither can u. So please wake up. PLease realise that we're destroying our home. and we cannot be selfish like this. because we do not have the right to dishome the hundreds of birds and insects and other animals living in these trees,feeding on them and basically,surviving on them.the top soil is as good as gone if these trees go.and when as many as 1300 trees are hacked mercilessly, dont u murderers dare complain or erratic rainfall and floods and crap like that.if ur contributing to it, u better face the music! those who are actually using their heads and doing something about it, u dont let them work. use your own tarsier sized brain n come up with rubbish plans like this one!
this is not like a pause button! that u can pause the trees' presence there for the games and then restart their growth're kidding yourself! and if u still dont see the point, then may the almighty knock the daylights out of u or just knock some sense into u.
as for those who DO see the point- please speak up. u may just be one of the very few who can do soemthing about issues like this one.use ur voice and find out its capability.Mine's pretty loud, so i know wat im talking about.
Please wake up Pune. It's high time now. Our homes are being snatched away form us in front of our very eyes. Save them. Save those 1300 trees!!!
please excuse the spelling mistakes.those dont really matter to me as much as the urgency of the issue.