Saturday, April 26, 2008

World Environment DAY!?? "DAY"!?? should be "Millenium"!!

A very big "Thank you" to Rohan Chakravarty for the efforts that went into this cartoon in the article. Makes my job easier by the dozen and practically throws the issues in your faces. Thanks Rohan. Appreciated! :)

A very common scene with most people is, become very responsible and realize your duties on a specific day. On the rest of the 364 days of the year, act like a dud, and on that one day, show all possible chivalry!
This whole concept of World Environment Day.. - do we seriously NEED this?? Are we not old enough, mature enough rather, to understand that we do not do our duty on one particular day, but on each day possible? So we're people who need to be motivated on one special day. To go out there and spread the word. For the rest of the year, the word can got o hell. At this point in the article, I really wish to express extreme respect for all those naturalists, conservationists, environmentalists, who are working every single day of the year 24 x 7 only and only so that one species or several species may get to live a little longer, resultiing, obviously, in mankind getting a little extended life-line.
Coming back to the main point, I would really like to put it my way, which is that, I , personally, do not, have not, and will never need some "Day" to motivate me, or bring a thought in my mind etc. Does a Tiger think of one day to get caught in a poacher's trap? Does a poacher think of one day to kill a Tiger? Do we think of one day to eat food? Nonsense! These are things that happen everyday! We do this everyday! We breathe, we go to work, we think (though this i doubt a lot).. we do not have one alloted day to carry out all these things, then why one day for the Environment?? Do we think of one day when we cut dwn trees for wood? When we dump garbage in Rivers? When we use cars to travel around the corner? Do we think twice before doing any of this? No. Then why only ONE day to help Mother Nature when we take from her in heaps EVERY day!? A very genuine question!!
Also, I believe very strongly, that if you're dedicated to something with your entire heart and soul, you will never need to believe nonsense like Environment Day! When people die at the hands of poachers, when trees are felled for all the wrong reasons, when forests are treated like garbage dumps, and when we curse our own health and lungs by polluting every source of air and water that exists, ALL on a daily basis, then I think it is plain duty that we do our thing for Mother Nature every day. If we take, we give back too. It doesnt work one way. Coz sooner or later, all that will remain of Earth, is one large grey and brown sphere rotating, and revolving, lifelessly. All that the future generations will get is death. Because of us. Because we choose to allocate "days" for work that should , in fact, be carried out every on-going second! We have a serious problem. We need to admit it. It's too serious to ignore now. Way to serious to put on hold. We're changing everything on Earth. At a tragic rate. Yes, we proved we're all the unbeatable winner species (my foot!!) by destroying all sources of life.. slow poisoning.
The time, is to step up, realize what we have done, have the strength to admit it, and then correc it! Do something that does not have to reverse the damage done overnight, but control and prevent it on a large scale.Do whatever it takes. We have to stop being lazy. Walk onwards, whether anyone is backing us up or not. If not for the love of Earth and her children, then for the love and survival of our own species!! Do your duty for yourselves!! Be selfish! No problem. Coz at least that way, you'll be of some genuine use to the planet that created you instead of being a wasted burden. And believe me, you dont want to feel like a wasted burden. In case you do, try packing your bags, and go and watch how a Tiger is killed in China, in India, how Crocodiles are slaughtered for skin, how Dolphins are butchered for meat, and yet, if you still feel you would rather be wasted, you're most welcome to come meet me! I might have steered off the topic a little, but I thought it imperative to get the point across. One day concept, is purely utterly senseless! The sooner we realize this, trust me, it's better for us.
And if you're going to come and argue saying World Environment Day is a way of propagating and motivating people from other streams to join in the mass movements, Im gonna give you a kick ass reply saying that In that case- why dont we have this day everyday!!? I love the whole motivating concept... let's do it! :) So any argument would be ruthlessly proven futile. Kindly refrain from getting into one. It will only tell me ur truely jobless. Different opinions are always welcome. That is why this blog has something called- Post Comment. You can post a comment in decent and polite language. And you're sure to get a reply as long as you add your email id.
Also, those who truely understand the importance of consistancy, will surely be able to grasp the concept , rather fact, that if work for the environment, in any which way, is not done on a daily basis, the rate of depletion will only exceed the rate of production. Which again shows negative features. Collapse of our world sooner than ever. So people, unless you're ok with living underwater in a few years, time to pick yourself up from that rotten couch and do something substantial. Coz you'd be too lazy to swim about in the underwater world, so think of it from this point of view. Get up and move it. And Im genuinely NOT interested in underwater living.. there are Sharks you know! We may be an intelligent species, but we're nowhere close to most other species that co-exist with us.