Friday, February 2, 2007

Terrorism in Assam-its effects on Wildlife

Ulfa has been terrorising Assam for the last 2weeks at least. the terror has taken the lives of many innocent people.many innocent animals. what the Government doesnt identify as a problem however, is that the harm that is done to human life, the same harm is done to Wild life as well. why does no body ever donate for animal wlefare? during the tsunami, we all donated everything we could to the people who were affected. but what about the animals??? who donated to them? except those very few people who care for them and who left their jobs and their work and went to help the animals affected,apart fromt hem, who else donated what to the animals??
the terror in Assam, is being publicised so much.Did anyone think that the area in which the blasts are occurring, has an evergreen forest stretch and semi-evergreen forests as well??? Did anyone think that these blasts are destroying the forests and its inhabitants?? NO! Why not???
coz u hold human dearer than animal life. well think twice- If the animals had not alerted the humans during the dec 2006 tsunami, those certain people would surely have died. these creatures save u, n u think of them last. amazing way to re-pay na???
it's high time someone starts realising that these animals have the right to live. NO ONE has the right to take that right away from them! Ulfa are bombing the places in Assam bcoz they are against hindi speaking people there. My god!!! Hindi is our national language!!!! that way-ur against all Indians!!!! and how ever ruthless they seem(the Indians), they still care deeply about their nation- or maybe thats what id like to believe! just bcoz of terrorists, we cannot give up on ur precious forests!
Incredible India- a recently started campaign shows all our states and their specialities. Arunachal Pradesh an Assam- are very very important for the country's Wildlife and the country as a whole!!! the campaign shows lush green thick forests in these states- how is that going to remain if the whole place is bombed down by cowards who cant face life and turn to terrorism on the name of religion!!!! how can u differentiate humans on which God they believe in!?!?!
have u seen God??? how do u know he exists??? its a belief isnt it??? then why the drama?!!? why killing innocent people??? did they tell u not to speak in ur regional language? NO! then why target the hindi speaking people??? its bloody cruelty! whats the point of calling urselves slaves og "God" and then killing in his name??? if he wnated people to die, trust me he would ahev appointed many people to do that before the population went for a hit!!!! he would not have created if he wanted it destroyed by stupid people like terrorists!!!
saddest part is, some of these people who kill in the name of God...are actually educated!! i mean what school did they go to!?!?- St.Killer's??? even sadder part is- the Governaments of all these countries will sit n argue like weirdos while they kill more and more animals n people! then sit n griev over the loss. then take "action"!! which has been so effective till now u know!!!
get real man!!! and again- if these forests are destroyed, are the ministers who
"pledge their help to the victims" going to sit and plant trees?!?!? i doubt! ha!! its quite clear the money, the power and the votes, the acting is more impotant to these power-crazed maniacs. they wont do anything for Wildlife or even human life for that matter..until someone shakes things up.ot the Ulfa way...but maybe the decent way!!!
its time to teach them a lesson. its time to teach terrorists that Indians are NOT afraid of them. that Indians will help each other no matter where u put a bomb and what ur intensions!! and TRUE Indians will never let their country fall in the hands of such cowards!!! thast what they are- cowards!!! who are afraid to live!! so they kill. psychopaths!! the world will NOT encourage them but the people have to do something before its too late for them to get the messege!! too late for them to realise that we're gona live no matter what they do to obstruct life!!
and in memory of all those brave fighters who went down fighting- their examples will not go waste! the animals, the forests the essence of the North-East appeals to Indians- says- save us before we fall in the wrong hands.before we are blasted right thru!!
SO WAKE UP INDIA- AND DO SOMETHING!!! SAVE THE ESSENCE OF THE NORTH-EAST! IT NEEDS YOU. IT NEEDS US ALL. TO STAND UP STRING AGAINST THESE ERASERS OF LIFE. we can do this and we will!!! the Wildlife shall remain undisturbed!!! as it deserves to be!!!