Thursday, September 27, 2007

When a part of u goes missing... and so does another!

There are those times when you're having a blast, livin it up to the fullest, times when u dont even anticipate that someone most precious, most special, most integral a part of ur life, will just walk out one day. You never even realise how and when someone becomes so important to you. So much a part of you that you feel miserably unlike yourself without them... and could it be worse when this happens over n over again??

Call it luck, call it fate, destiny, whatever you want. I call it simply - unfair! This one Baavi, is for u! I dont know how, and when, and WHY u became so much, me! All those things we've done together, those times, those memories, obviously will always shine in the back of our already very full heads.. but cmon man! Who will come home n scream from down -"Appy!!!! come down!!!" n who will fall while playing tree to tree and tear her jeans n start crying n hug me get lectured about the amazing raffoo wala next to my house! and who will help me mimick sumant sir and babar sir and all those mad genetics teachers we have?

Who will scream at me when i dont study? who will tell me about amazing places which have yummy rumball? who will complete her journals and give them to me for copying?!?! I WILL FAIL !!! u know i NEVER do journal completion on time! Who will encourage you to ride ur bike confidently?? Who will sit behind me n go -"GO! GO! GO! FUCK! phachhhhak!! " and fall from the bike with me in the world's most hillarious accident ever?? Who will tell you scientific names of snakes u ask about? Who will take u to pirangut n tamhini? Who will give u royal body guard protection??

Who will sing made up songs in front of the whole college without giving a damn!? who will come to me during chem pracs and say- "That bitch next to me is really annoying yaar, she doesnt help me one bit!!!! " n then have suruchi turn around n say hi to that same 'bitch' !! Baavi.. who will look out for you? who will teach u the a,b,c of riding bikes? who will take u to durga and to sripad to eat misal? how will we meet in G parking and go mad? how will we insult those people at CCD? Who will make chocolate for me and bring??

Who will play with ileana's hand and yell "anna, anna" all over the place?? who will run all over the lab and finally find me and stand there only n chat with me and then read- "Two girls died. One of them survived." ?? Who wil curse the lab incharge with me?? Who will hug me whenever i burst out crying? Who will listen to me go on and on and on about trying ur level best to forget break ups?? Who wil play the folding game and 'name place animal thing' with the gang? who will come all dressed up to college in the MONSOON!!! and then when ur chappal breaks who will run in the pouring rain to get u new ones?? and who will sit on the gutter and that botany ka katta and do photo sessions? Who will call raju bhaiyya to bring neembu paani?

Who will do all this Baavi?? You know what my dear, i dont wnat u to feel bad or anything. I want you to know, that all this, doesnt have to stop. Ive seen friendships fall and shatter bcoza the lack of time. Baavi, if that ever happens to us, i assure u, we both gota jump from that waterfall at pirangut! And remember we have signed a pact - laughter challenge!! Anyway, point is, nothing needs to change. As long as we can all spend time with each other and keep in touch. Things will be different. but u know, whenEVER u need that smiling face in front of u, a friend to hear u out, to go mad with, whenever u need entertainment, or help, support, advice, or simply me, u know where to find me. One of the few ppl who will actually know where to find me!!

And baavi, dont look anywhere. just go bang on ahead honey. the world's ur's. study hard. do very well. n ul see what the hell i was talkin bout when i said "If u set ur mind to something, even I cant stop u from getting there.U WILL succeed Devashri.Always."

I dont know how man, but yeah one thing's for sure, U n Ileana... are damn precious. n boy am i glad she isnt leaving (this year at least!). Mom jst told me to stop crying..n said this is life, she hasnt gone out of the city or something.. but u know wat, ive never seen her so shocked. to see me cry. n when she asked what happened, i said- Devashri went. can u believe this?? say no haan!

And please oh please do NOT ask people at physiotherapy- did i jst stamp on ur foot or ur hand?? Idiot!! ride ur bike carefully, dont get into wrong company, and eat n sleep well. coz unless ur healthy, ur academics go down the drain. and we dont want a repeat telecast of HSC results. Love you Baaviduuuu... really duuu! :) keep the crackpot in u alive n kickin!

This was ur surprise! - all i wanted to say to u today.. didnt have the words in college... so wrote it down! And dude! - WE rock!!!! :D rickshe chi atmakatha and shukra daande.. will be made someday.. by a physio and a herpetologist! ;) Rock on kiddo! Love you more than the Malabar Pit Viper also! Mmmmmmuah!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Issue or Misconception?

Are climate change, global warming, rise in temperature, really issues or are they just misconceptions that can be ignored? What will happen if the earth's temperature rises?Will we really be in danger? Or is it a myth doing the rounds scaring the living daylights out of people?
Time for the truth. Planet Earth. the Blue Planet. Visible as a gorgeous blue even from space, is now, a grey sphere rotating not-so-happily-ever after! The pollution we have caused,has actually changed the colour of our planet.Man has been on this planet for the last 11,500yrs.In that much time,we managed to actually change the appearance of our whole planet! Which is not an achievement.It is disaster! We had clues, hints, everything. But as usual, we chose to ignore. Ignore a disaster that will strike the whole planet.
Almost every fortnight now, we have articles in newspapers telling us about how the Europe-Asia ship pathway has opened up because Arctic ice is melting at a rate never before witnessed! This ice is melting because the planet's temperature IS rising.That was NOT a myth.The short waves that enter the earth's atmosphere from the sun, are converted into long wave radiation which is infra-red in nature.These long waves are not able to escape out of the atmosphere as they are supposed to do, due to the thick blanket of greenhouse gases that traps them within the atmosphere.This is called the 'Greenhouse Effect'. These waves ultimately end up heating the earth's surface, hence, raising the temperature.And since this effect takes place gloablly,it is called Global Warming.
This heat causes the ice to melt.This heat causes a shift of ocean currents.This heat causes a change in climate, i.e. -climate change!! So climate change, too, is not a misconception. We are having sudden heavy rains and extreme weather conditions due to this very reason. To those who have made themselves aware of the effects of further global warming, it is time to spread that awareness to those that are unaware. The immense weather changes and season shifts that are bound to occur, the total change of ecosystems, the extinction of all those species unable to cope with the ruthless fury of Nature, are just some of the incredible effects.
If ive scared you enough, id like to tell you now, that we can STILL do something to prevent this tragedy. We can behave responsibly towards our environment by using lesser electricity, switching the main switch of the tv sets off once ur done watching them, switching off mobile chargers once the mobiles are charged, using CFL lights, banning plastic, using cloth bags when we go shopping , asking people not to use plastic and not to throw it in our rivers to pollute what we drink , using water,paper,and our resources wisely, using our vehicles only when we need them, protesting against cutting of trees, planting new trees after consulting the authorities on the choice of specie. I can come up with much more. But im not the only person with a brain.
We are the people who make the governments. We choose our representatives. So if they dont do their jobs, WE have the power to make them step down. Use your voices in the right places. When you see trees being cut, or water being wasted, or animals being poached, raise ur voice! Because YOU are part of a planet that will see disaster if everyone like you chooses SILENCE OVER SENSE.
If more information is required by any reader, please feel free to contact and you will receive your answers as soon as possible. however, please title your emails 'response to blog' . thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and now, take some more time, and spread the messege. Why? Because you matter.