Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bulldozing through my home

Was just going through the Save Tadoba website. Reading the articles in the press, and it got me thinking that it's so tragic that everyone right from the top officials of the Forest Ministry, Central and State both, to the guards and moreover the unaware common man are proving to be more of a danger to our natural remaining reserves than a help. Either for money, or for the fame, for plain sadistic maybe too, but then the common man, simply unaware. And hence, totally not bothered.
There are so many things happening in our country that are an out an out destruction sign. First for the wilderness of that area, and then eventually, for the people. And of these so many things, we know of so few! Everyone is so busy being ignorant, that I guess people have forgotten that today, every single person needs to start looking out for Planet Earth, coz if we don't, then we are definitely losing our home.
If someone suddenly decides that your house is built where there are some xyz million tonnes of coal underneath it, and they want that coal, coz they're greedy human beings. And let's say they land up with a bulldozer and bombard through your house, your home, your belongings, shelter, everything, and rake up the ground, dig it up, set up a mine there, and meanwhile tell you, "Oh we got permission from the "Ministry", so we knew you were going to die. Sorry, cant do anything about it!" ...When will we realize that all living beings have and need a home. Not just us. "the superior" morons. The wild animals and plants need their shelter and food and homes. Just digging them up and exploding them with dynamites, is highly unethical and irresponsible. It's very wrong.
And Im in full support of those NGOs and individuals who are standing tall and defending our Planet. Our land. Our wilderness. They need all the support possible. And you could be a part of that possibility.
www.savetadoba.org is where you need to be if u dont know what Im talkin bout.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crocs, Coffee, and Crisis

The fight season has begun and my family is in its annual (or rather monthly) mood of fighting with each other. Of course that doesnt exclude me! Why should I stay away from the "fun"? So then the first fight of the "season" was mom v/s me. Lots of stuff said, lots of tears (on her side), and one very shocked grand mother.. :- Anyway, so things went on, and I finally, to prevent myself from hurling something at either of those two, walked out. I chose my favourite getaway hide-out, and there began the story that lead to this title. Crocs, Coffee, and Crisis. :)
So Im sitting, with a glass full of steaming hot black coffee (ahh the joy that is black coffee!), with one simple instruction to the waiter - keep 'em coming after every 15minutes of the earlier one getting over. :) Poor thing got shocked! And Ive got an old issue of Sanctuary Asia with me, so Im reading about Indian reptiles, and naturally, the first thing I turned to, was the Croc part. So I thought, why not use my time away from mad people, and make some notes? There I was for the next 3 hours, sitting, making notes, on Crocs of India, old records etc., and sipping on coffee, and listening to Sultans of Swing.. pretty much in Dire Straits myself! And somewhere in the middle of my entire concentration, when I got high on the coffee, I suddenly went back to thinking of the "Crisis" part of it all.
Now there are two parts to this Crisis Im talking about. One is the Wildlife crisis as regards Reptiles, and more particularly, Gharials. The second, was the one happening in my house.. ! By now, all of us in that house are used to such crazy fights and not talking to each other for months. It's a mad family. But anyway, I was wondering what to do, to keep myself out of the house at most times for the next 3 days. When I realized that there's a lot I could really do, the sheer amount of that 'lot" scared me, so immediately other plans had to be made.
The thing is, I never knew how crazy this combo would get. Crocs, Coffee and Crisis. One works great with the others. That 3 hours was very important. Made me realize how important it is to distance oneself from family issues that spoil ur brain working module. For the last 2 yrs Ive been trying to distance myself from these jokers. Succeeding to some extent. And now with just one more year left to complete Graduation, I shall be on my way in no time! :) My way. Ah that feels good to say.
There was no particular reason to put up this article here at all. Just that I felt that the few regulars who read this blog, and happen to know me, should know whats keepin me busy and preventing me from keeping in regular contact with them. So now, while two more fights have begun, it's time for yet another episode of Coffee with the Croc Crisis! :D Karan Johar should give up man!! :D This show's way better!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Sometimes things really confuse me, sometimes, they amuse me, but more often these days, they surprise me. It surprises me how people think about certain topics and issues. Maybe its the old school of thought and stuff. but considering this is the 21st century, thoughts really ought to be in connection to the times we're in. Especially my field. Since i obviously cannot talk of anyone else's field.
Wildlife. Oh wow! Such a different field! How nice! So what are your career prospects? These are the same bunch of folks who'd once told me, "tera kuch nahi hone wala". You will never be able to do anything in this field. And this, from people who became doctors and engineers only coz they had no ambition in life. Sheeesh! I cant help it if I knew what I wanted to do right since the beginning of being able to think for myself. My father asked me today "Why dont u join Politics?" My answer was a frank ,"Because Ive better things to do in my life." And then he said, Politicians are the sweepers of society, they clean everything up..etc.etc.. I openened my mouth to say something, but then realized, Im just not going to be allowed to speak, IM not going to be heard and understood, Im going to be blidly woven off as the "little child who knows nothing". So I decided, to keep shut about it. I dont know why it's so hard for older people to accept that their kids, or kids for that matter, can have their own view points which they might really want to express and they may even be logical. Sadly, this is again one example of lack of communication. When your friends hear you out, and so do a lot of people you've only just known to exist, but your family doesnt, it kind of gets to me. Over the years, Ive drifted further and further away from them. When they want to be heard, its all got to be loud n clear. But when it's me, coz Im the youngest in the family, it all has to be "hurry up, ive got work to do". So you know what, you go do your work, Its obviously more important than listening to your own child! And then how can they even claim that they "know" me. As sad as it is, (I honestly cannot find a more apt word), my family is the bunch of people who really does NOT know me. They have hardly even seen more than 20% of me. It's probably Mom who has a slight idea at least.
So yeah, getting back to the main thing, I always wonder why people think the way they do. Maybe its the way they were brought up, what and where they studied, also who they studied with, because people around you, tend to affect you too. And then, their families, friends, work places, and obviously, personal experiences had. All of this amounts to the making and moulding of a person I guess. But then why do so many people, brought up in different atmospheres, educated in entirely contrasting places and conditions, think so alike sometimes? Why are there only some people we can relate to and associate with, without hesitating to be ourselves? Why do we wear masks around others? Why are people so confusing? And this is exactly why I prefer to not talk to certain people, not waste my time and energy in trying to explain to them what I know they arent going to listen carefully to- because they baffle me. They're all intelligent people, educated in good schools, brought up well. They are not bad people at all. They're good at heart. But even then, why dont they understand things that are so simple otherwise? Why does everyone want to complicate things? Why do people want the satisfaction and pride of being able to handle and understand complicated and complex things? When understanding simple stuff itself is proving to be such a challenge worldwide! Very strange really..
But I guess over time, this whole confusion will fade, and things will seem more practical. Or maybe these people will realize that they've just not been thinking for all this while.
There are those people who think "Oh she's in a different field, Must have had it really easy if she's still in it, otherwise she would have been fallen flat" Sheesh! Did you ever think, maybe she didnt have it easy? Maybe she had to work her ass off to get where she is, and to stand tall and be proud to say that I really AM doing something good, unlike the hypocrites who build skyscrapers and use glass panel exteriors, those people who use the A/C in the winters, and stilll leave the door open, those people who leave lights on only coz they're rolling in money anyway. Maybe what I had to go through at my age, is far tougher than what any of these guys had to do to get where they are, coz "baap ki daulat" is their thumb rule. Mine is simply "khud ki izzat". I did not have anyone I knew in this field when I entered it. I didnt have any financial backing and I still dont. I never knew how to teach kids. I had to learn a lot of "to-go" things to be able to set myself right. My father isnt a bigshot with money stashed under the floormat. My only thought is, that if you cant accept that a 19yr old from a middle class family has done the things she has without any help from anyone whatsoever, then you just need to bloody start using that rusty brain. And I dont want appreciation. I dont want people going all praises. Its utter crap. You understand my work, and show some interest, I'll be ever nice to you. But you act like a moose and give me your "Im greater than you" air, then I'll have you up your own!
People... are basically just very weird!! Some frsutrating, some adorable, some very understanding and true, some with you since you've been nothing, right till the end, through all your major break-throughs, some who will come when the weather's good, some who will want to bask in your glory, some who just simply dont give a damn, some who are genuine, some pesky, and others just too many.. But Im glad, that even in this frightful world of people, I have had the luck of having with me, the BEST of the gems! Each and everyone is special in their own way. As a friend, mentor, companion, partner, each and everything. Im proud to say that everyone in my closed and close circle of people is a true gem! And I treasure each one of them for not being the kickass types! :) Thanks guys for always having been there..and stood strong with me whenever Ive needed you!